Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

(Ana)stasia Tatiana Castleberry.

18. Astronomer. Musician. Vegas life.



          This is happening in the world - in real life and hi-definition….. 
While the country is captivated drooling over stolen photos from your fellow citizens by trolls with a keyboard. 

So, are you really that evolved and exceptional? Hyperbolic chamber fingertapping jadrools in your darkroom cluttered with jizzpkins. #killyourselves or #cannibalism.

Bring on the dystopian society already.

And there’s that moment, where it’s just you and him, and your heart is so heavy you could choke on it. Over and over in your head, like a broken record, will I ever see you again?

(Source: not-heisenberg)


listening to fireproof like

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